Bagua Zhang (Pa Kua Chang)

Bagua Zhang is the youngest of the three traditional Chinese internal martial arts styles. Bagua Zhang is based upon the eight (ba) trigrams (gua) principle developed thousands of years ago. This Bagua principle is believed to describe the natural progression of changes in nature. These beliefs were organized and written into the Chinese classic text the Yi Jing (I Ching) or Book of Changes. Bagua Zhang is a martial art based upon these principles of change described in the Yi Jing. Therefore Bagua is about how to change according to the conditions and circumstances that are occurring in the present moment. Bagua Zhang is most recognized by its training method of circle-walking which is the foundation of all Bagua Zhang skills. Some other skills and concepts indicative of Bagua Zhang are: never stop walking and never stop changing, always combine the qualities of yin and yang, appear suddenly and disappear suddenly, move close quickly and leave quickly, never struggle directly with an opponent, change difficult movements to make them easier, and wherever there is touching there must be changing.

yin yang bagua

At Impact Martial Arts of Cascadia we practice Yin style Bagua Zhang 64 palm changes. We also practice Cheng style Bagua Zhang Mother Palms (Xiantians), Heaven Palms (Houtians), and Sword (Jian). Bagua Zhang training also incorporates the 64 fighting skills of Liu style Bagua Zhang practiced in a straight line (Bagua Sanshow).

Master Wang Cheng Style Bagua Circle Walking
Master Wang Bagua Piercing Palm