Xingyi Quan (Hsing-I Chuan)

Xingyi Quan (pronounced Shing-yee Chwahn) is the oldest of the internal martial styles and is also known as Yi Quan, Xinyi Quan, and Xinyi Luhe Quan. Xingyi skills are divided into two concentrations of study: Xing Quan and Yi Quan. Xing means shape, movement, or posture and is associated with external physical movements. Xing Quan is trained through practice of the animal movements, techniques, and strategies. Yi means mind, idea, or spirit and is associated with developing internal components. Yi Quan is trained through understanding the Five Elements (Wuxing) of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth. Yi Quan is the philosophical foundation of the system and Xing Quan is the application of the fighting skills. Xingyi Quan is the integration of these internal and external components.


At Impact Martial Arts of Cascadia we practice Hebei style Xingyi Quan. The foundation of this Xingyi training is Santi Shi (Trinity Pile Standing) which is the source of all Xingyi Quan skills. We train in the twelve animal styles of Dragon, Tiger, Monkey, Horse, Alligator, Rooster, Sparrow Hawk, Swallow, Snake, Ostrich, Eagle, and Bear. We practice the Five Element Fists (Wuxing Quan) of Metal (Pi Quan), Water (Zuan Quan), Wood (Beng Quan), Fire (Pao Quan), and Earth (Heng Quan). One- and two-person forms are learned to practice these techniques and concepts.

Master Wang Santi Shi