Taiji Quan (Tai Chi Chuan)

Taiji Quan is the second oldest of the internal martial arts styles and is the most popular Chinese martial art. Taiji Quan is based upon the Taiji principle that incorporates the relationship, integration, and changes between Yin and Yang elements. The Taiji principle is fundamental to all aspects of traditional Chinese culture and has been the foundation of developing Taiji Quan to the highest level of martial arts skills as well as generating a multitude of health benefits for body, mind, and spirit.

Taiji Symbol

At Impact Martial Arts of Cascadia we practice Wu style Taiji Quan. We practice Taiji post-standing, open-hand and weapons forms, push-hands, and martial applications. Open-hand forms include the 8-Posture Essential Form, 37-Posture Short Form, and 83-Posture Traditional Form. Weapons forms and exercises include Taiji Dao (saber), and Taiji Jian (sword).

Master Wang Taiji Single Whip